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Join me on a new adventure and add some West Texas to your walls.

"Our noblest, happiest character develops with the influence of wildness."

Howard Zahniser

Nature moves me.

Simply put, it affects me in a profound way and my images are a celebration of that. I enjoy capturing scenes that strike viewers with awe, scenes that create a desire to explore further, and I love sharing those images and experiences.

I produce adventure, travel and lifestyle images, and I'm an advocate for conservation and a supporter of our national parks, state parks and all wild places in between. I'm also a hiking and camping enthusiast and strive to help connect people to the great outdoors and encourage the preservation of what is ours through my work.

Although much of my work is produced in the wild, I do enjoy subjects that are more tame. I love shooting personal projects as well as working with my clients on assignments, and I bring the same level of dedication and inspiration to both. If you have an idea to share or a story to tell, get in touch! Let's talk.

Aaron Bates


As an avid supporter of our parks, public lands, wildlife and natural resources, these organizations are at the top of my list. They work to address threats facing their respective focus and to create a sustainable world for future generations. Supporting organizations like these means helping to preserve what is all of ours, and I encourage you to do the same.